Histopathology is the science used to analyse your biopsy or tissue removed at operation. This is necessary to check the exact type of disease that you may have, the potential for treatment or to confirm that the operation has been a success.

The laboratory specialises in all clinical biopsies and surgical samples as well as providing a centre for coordinating any additional test required for complex cases or 2nd opinions. Surgical resections from gynaecological, gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary and head and neck operations are dissected and reported by specialist hispathologists.

Intra-operative (frozen section) service may be considered in cases where a lesion is being excised, and subsequent reconstruction depends on knowledge of whether the margins are tumour free.

For further information please contact Our Laboratory on 020 7636 9447 and for our out of hours contact Professor Gordon Stamp on 07860 821252.

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AHLab has both equipment and experienced, qualified technical support for Mohs procedure. Arrangements for tissue handling, sectioning and staining can be made in consultation with AHLab’s biomedical scientists.

When we have finished analysing the sample, a report is written and transmitted to the consultants responsible for your care.

These reports are part of your medical record, sometimes written in complex language which may require interpretation, and for this reason we prefer to send it directly to your doctor rather than straight to you.

Doing this allows you to get an informed explanation and avoids unnecessary worry which can be generated by the complex wording inherent in many medical reports.

However, our team are always on hand to provide an explanation and reassurance if this is necessary. We look after the tissues in perpetuity, safely logged and stored so that should any further investigation be necessary in the future this can easily be undertaken.

We understand that modern physicians need a rapid diagnostic service with personal accountability from the consultants. Prof Stamp and his team pride themselves on their efficiency, range of expertise and availability. We always view your secretary “chasing” a report as a failure on our part, and we do everything possible to ensure that we exceed your expectations.

We will also tailor the report format to your particular practice requirements and ensure that all necessary investigations are undertaken promptly. Whenever there is an unexpected result, we will convey this to you immediately and discuss potential further investigations where indicated.

We ensure that we provide a very cost-effective service and are transparent about our pricing. We believe that patients will recognise the quality of service, speed of response and unrelenting quest for excellence represent value and reassurance. Our laboratory has been built on the strength of reputation and peer to peer recommendation and we never compromise square patient safety and diagnostic accuracy is required.
In addition to histopathology, we can undertake cytopathological investigations by arrangement. Currently, we do not offer an on-site fine-needle aspirations service that this will be a feature of our development. If this is a particular requirement, please contact the laboratory and may be able to facilitate this service.
AHLab provides a bespoke Cytology Management Service for gynaecological samples includes specimens collected by us, prepared and initially screened at an accredited partner laboratory and where there is a clinical indication, reviewed by our in-house consultant pathologists.


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